Bala Prasanna

Mr. Bala Prasanna’s professional career of over 35 years includes working at institutions like the State University of New York, AT&T, and IBM in various roles in senior technical and management positions. He volunteers his time for the IEEE Northeastern region (Region 1) as a member of ExCom. He also served as a board member at IEEE-USA in 2016-17. Mr. Prasanna is a proud member of the IEEE HKN Honor Society. He cherishes his time talking to students and career professionals, specifically on the importance of career management skills and technology frontiers. As an IEEE national speaker, he has spoken at various US and international universities and colleges on career management skills to survive and thrive in today’s workplace. His passions are photography, reading biographies, and meeting people of accomplishment. Mr. Bala Prasanna is currently serving as the IEEE Region 1 Northeastern area Director and is a member of the IEEE Board of Directors. Bala is also involved in IEEE MOVE, a disaster relief program, and the IEEE HKN Honor Society program. Mr. Bala Prasanna can be reached at