Mohamed El Amine Houyou

Amine has worked for over 20 years working in Research and Development, first by completing his Doctorate degree in the area of computer communications and networks from the University of Passau, Germany, then being part several Siemens research departments for over 14 years. In particular he has helped establish the first funded program on Industrial IoT in his first role working on leveraging ICT technologies and IoT architectures in the area of industrial OT and automation systems. His research focused on applying software-defined networking and programmable networks to industrial communications systems. Amine later joined the Siemens Technology US where he led the Future Automation Living Lab and leading several projects and developments in the areas of process and factory automation, advanced robotics, and more recently digital twin and industrial metaverse. Amine has led several multi-national programs across different organizations and in some cases with public funding. He has established a network of researchers across industries and academia working on applied ML, NLP, and industrial metaverse to design and simulation systems.